Birdwatching Nicaragua

Nicaragua provides some unique characteristics for birdwatching particularly because it’s located between the North and South America continents. Consequently, Nicaragua enjoys an extraordinary level of biodiversity, is becoming more and more popular, and has been identified as one of the major ecotourism attractions in the future. Currently, on the official list of identified birds in Nicaragua there are 703 different species, and the list continues to grow. 

Many birds can be seen year-round, and there are large numbers of bird species in every department of Nicaragua, particularly in Nicaragua’s cloud forests. Some of the birds that reside in the cloud or rain forests (Mombacho and Maderas Volcanoes) include Slaty-tailed Trogons, Three-wattled Bellbirds and the Resplendent Quetzal. Birdwatching can be a relaxing and easy-to-practice activity and is suitable for everyone, so allow us to prepare your birdwatching experience during your visit to Nicaragua.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Allow us to show you the different habitats that make Nicaragua a unique place to visit. From the highlands of Matagalpa to the lowlands of the Caribbean, experience birdwatching at its best.


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